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Welcome to 5000 bar to psi, our post about the pressure conversion from 5000 bar to the unit pound per square inch, for which we use the abbreviation psi. Here you can find all about the conversion, including the formula and result, in addition to 5000 bar to psig and 5000 bar to psia, for example. Make sure to understand the difference between psi, psia and psig by reading this post to the end.


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Convert 5000 Bar to Psi

To convert the pressure make use of the formula [psi] = [5000] x 14.50377. Thus, you obtain:

5000 bar to psi = 72518.85 psi (pound-force per square inch)

Observe that 72518.85 has been rounded to 3 decimal places, and note that in place of psi, the following abbreviations are sometimes used: lbf/sq, lbf/in2, lbf/in2 and lbf/sq.

Here you can find everything about 5000 psi to bar.

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As it can be significant, we recommend our visitors to check out the difference between 5000 bar gauge and 5000 bar absolute in the next paragraph.

Additional Information

As outlined on bar to psi, there is a difference between 5000 bar gauge and 5000 bar absolute. On our home page you can learn all details about it, and there you can also find out what 5000 bar differential means. Below you can find the results for vacuum pressure conditions and ambient atmospheric pressure; bar means bar absolute:

  • 5000 bar to psia = 72518.85 psia
  • 5000 bar to psig = 72504.15 psig
  • 5000 barg to psig = 72518.85 psig
  • 5000 barg to psia = 72533.55 psia
  • 5000 barg to psi = check barg to psig and barg to psia

For your convenience we have also calculated:

  • 5000 barg to bara = 5001.01325 bara
  • 5000 barg to bar = probably means barg to bara, right above
  • 5000 bara to barg = 4998.98675 barg
  • 5000 bar to barg = probably means bara to barg, right above

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5000 Bar to Psi

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